The Next Best Reel for Your Spring Fishing

The Next Best Reel for Your Spring Fishing

The time has come (finally!) to get back outside and wet the ole hook. Spring is here, and regular fishing season is starting back up. Now I know there are the hardcore ice fishers out there that I applaud, but for the rest of us, it’s time to start river, pond, and lake fishing. I like to start every year with a little insert on my favorite reel this year, and the winner for 2014 is going to have to be……bah bah bah- the Daiwa Strikeforce-B Spinning Reel 2500. Now I know some of you are thinking, “that’s it?) Yup, that’s it. Nothing too flashy or complicated, just a good ole  spinning reel with a big bang! 

The Daiwa Strikeforce-B Spinning Reels offer the perfect combination of a high quality fishing reels with many great features at an extremely affordable price! The Daiwa Strikeforce is just as powerful as its name, featuring an ABS aluminum spool and a super durable Digigear (digital gear design). The Daiwa Strikeforce is not just a pretty face. With its super smooth ball bearing drive, you’ll be sure to conquer fish all day out on the water.

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