Let’s Break It Down…With the Spincast Reel


                           (Shakespeare Synergy)

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most classic and favored reel among all anglers…the Spincast Reel.

History of the Spincast Reel:

The first commercialized version of the spincast reel dates all the back to 1949 when two companies by the name of Denison-Johnson Reel Company and the Zero Hour Bomb Company (ZEBCO) first introduced the reel. The design of the spincast reel evolved from an attempt to end the problem of backlash and twisted line issues that are sometimes found in baitcasting and spinning reel designs. Similar to the spinning reel, the fishing line is launched from a fixed spool and can allow for greater distance with lighter lures and baits. The biggest difference between the traditional spinning reel and the baitcast reel is that the spincast reel uses pickup pins and a metal housing around the spool for retrieval, whereas the spinning reel features a wire bail and a line roller to wind the line back around the spool. The spincast reel usually features a cone-shaped nose at the end of the reel to help straighten out the line and allow for a tangle-free spool when retrieving the line.

Benefits of the Spincast Reel:

One of the greatest benefits of the spincast reel is that it is perfect for beginners. You can throw one of these reels on a pole and be fishing in no time with very little knowledge of the specifics and mechanics of fishing reels. The ease and convenience of pressing a button near the end of the reel to release the line pickup is a concept that is adopted pretty quickly. With a fixed spool, the fisherman can cast lighter lures and bait than one would be able to with a baitcast reel.

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