The Biggest Difference Between Internet Marketing And Internet Network Marketing

There is some interesting information about

advanced traffic generation strategies.


It caused me to take a step back to reinforce the biggest

difference between internet marketing and internet NETWORK

marketing with them, which is . . .



If you’re an internet marketer and you’re marketing either

your own products or other companies’ products, it’s good to

be as detailed and specific as possible, but that’s NOT the

case when it comes to internet network marketing.


With Internet Network marketing it’s imperative that you

keep things SIMPLE.




The basis of network marketing is duplication and the more

steps that you add to any process, the less duplicable it


So when doing internet network marketing you MUST be careful

that what you do and TEACH to your downline is built on a

foundation of the basics. And those basics must be simple

and easily duplicable.


It’s all well and good to be a top affiliate marketer and use

every trick in the book to increase your ROI because your

business is you and your efforts.


In network marketing your business is based on the success

of others who, for the most part, are new to the industry so

you have to hold back on all the fancy stuff because those

new folks won’t pick up on it.


They will fall behind, get discouraged, and probably give up.


Focus your efforts and your expertise on the basics with

duplication in mind and be sure to continually reinforce

them to your team and you’ll soon see significant growth.



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