Do You See Yourself As A Network Marketing Millionaire?





I’ve delved into the study of Psycho-Cybernetics recently

and for it I will share it’s insights with you along the

way. -See the source here (it’s actually quite fascinating,

if you’re in to that sort of thing)


Recently in reviewing this material a story of a young

college student who committed suicide was brought up in

an example of the importance of self-image to internal



In this student’s suicide note he wrote that as a young child

he was teased about having a long nose.


This affected the entire course of his life. He

truly believed he was less of a person than those around him

so much so, that when one of his teachers spelled his name

wrong on a note, he didn’t even have the confidence

to correct her.



From that point on the student spelled his name with the

error his teacher had used in order to conform. In the final

lines of his suicide note he wrote that he was afraid of people

and interactions with them, but not of death and saw that as

his only option.


This is a sad story which touched me deeply.


This young man was probably no different than you or I when it

came down to it, but he felt so inferior because of his

poor personal self-image that he felt he didn’t deserve to live.


Well I think the same thing happens to many network



They get in the game and see all the success around them and

start experiencing the hard knock life that network marketing

can be and start to equate it with them “not being good



The conversation inside your head goes something like this:


“Well, Cindy is amazing and that’s why she’s making $33,000 a

month. I’m not her so I can’t get there. I mean I’ve called

100 people and I couldn’t even get one person on the

business opportunity call. I’m not sure if I’m the type of

person who can do this.”


Here’s what I say to that!


If that’s what you think then you are right. Your mind can only

work in the direction you send it. It will work to prove

what you imagine so that you can form a true belief around



So with that knowledge I ask you . . .


Do you imagine yourself as a network marketing millionaire?


If you do (and you do it often) you will act in the direction

of proving it. And sooner or later you will become one.


If you asked me if I saw myself as a network marketing

millionaire I would without a doubt or hesitation answer



How do I know it’s going to happen?


When I tell my friends and family that I will be a network marketing

millionaire, they throw up no discourse. They believe it too.


This is my self image and that is the standpoint I work from.

Anything to get me closer to this reality, I do. Then I have

more proof and more belief. It’s a spiral upwards, if you



(The hidden benefit to you here is that wherever I go so do



Now when you can say that you are a network marketing

millionaire and believe it with full conviction it will become

true. Don’t forget it works the other way too.


What is Your Self-image?


Rob Thomas


Click if you want to begin your journey to becoming a network marketing millionaire

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