I Can’t Go To Class – I Don’t Have Any Paper!


A few days ago I heard one of the funniest excuses

I’ve ever heard in my entire life for not getting something done.




I was sitting at the local Starbucks here in Edwards, and

I overheard a couple of older gentlemen were sitting at a table

telling old college stories. I listened in on one story

that one of the men told about a stunt the other had pulled

back in college.


The first older gentleman said:


“Hey remember that time when you didn’t go to class because

you said you didn’t have any paper?”


I burst out laughing!!!


Even right now as I type this message to you I’m chuckling.


That is the MOST absurd and purely silly excuse for not

doing something as important as learning that I had ever

heard in my life.


I mean, can you imagine paying for a college education and

then getting there and letting something as trivial as “not

having paper” stop you from going to class?


Think back to your days in school . . .


What would you think if you looked over to your friend and

said “Hey let’s get to class we’re about to be late.”


And your friend, in a serious fashion, replied . . .


“Nah, I can’t make it. I don’t have any paper.”


I don’t even know what to say beyond that. It’s just so

silly to me that I had to share it.


But let’s tie this into business and more specifically,

wealth creation.


Unfortunately, so many people out there take this same silly

attitude to some of the most important things that they do

in their life.


They let the smallest twig in their path stop them from

progressing forward.


It’s like saying . . .


I can’t make a fortune because I don’t know how.


The world is abundant with resources to help you meet your

ends. There are thousands of books out there about creating

wealth, I know because I have bought more of them than I

care to count.  


But the truth is you can get the same access for FREE if you

just take yourself down to your local library and pick a few


An excuse is only an excuse if you let it be.


And this example above shows how absurd we can let our

excuses become.


If you’re ready to create wealth in your life, quit making

excuses and make it happen!


Here’s your key . . .


-Rob Thomas

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