Newbies have every bit as much potential with this



If you’re in a home business, Guess what?

You’re in sales.

But odds are you SUCK at selling… so do I. If you didn’t, you’d be

Cause “SALES” is where the money is!

What do ya think is happening when you buy DVDs from Walmart?

You got sold!  You forked over cash!   Cha-ching!

You can’t sell? No problem, cause I’ve got answers…

Ok…  ( — deep breath –)

If you pay attention to this…  I promise you won’t sleep tonight.

Ok, see if this makes sense to you…


The majority of home business newbies don’t REALLY want a business…

They want money! To relieve the bill crunch. To help with their
kid’s school tuition. To afford a second car, so mom and dad don’t
have to share. And the list goes on…


The home business newbie doesn’t have time to learn the “art of
doing business”…

They’re too busy making a living! A boss fills most of their day.
Then their spouse and kids want attention. Then there’s only
enough time to watch “Will and Grace” and then go to bed to get
ready for tomorrow’s grind.


The newbie just wants relief. They want it easy. They want a
QUICK solution
 like fast food…

If some guy orders fries, they just want to drop a basket and
push a button.


Cause 97% of newbies aren’t really cut out to be entrepreneurs.

They just want MORE money…

Like yesterday!

And they want a system that can DELIVER!



You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to become wealthy.

But you do have to invest in entrepreneurs that have the genius to
create systems and companies that rake in cash!


Take it from me…

No matter what anybody tells you, after you’ve built up some
capital, invest in stocks.

A good diversified stock portfolio has proven to be the fastest
wealth builder around and anybody with great money managers and 
a net worth of at least $10 million will tell you I’m not lying!

But let’s start with a direct sales business like
iPAS! (smile)

You need some dough.



Would at least $3,000 cash by next week help you?

Could you handle getting paid up to $4,625 every time someone 
passively buys on your website? What if my Co-Ops and strategies
help this happen once or twice a day?

Do you want my sales guy calling leads FOR YOU and doing the
selling FOR YOU?

Can you handle that!? Do you believe that this is common?


Can you handle that?

Can you follow this fool-proof, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, cash
flowing, poverty busting, self-esteem lifting, no sales experience
needing, immediate substantial income generating, marketing system?

Huh?  Let me run it by you again.  Here’s the deal…

You advertise with some proven marketing methods that yield GREAT
results! You plug into my Co-Ops. You can even BUY SALES…

Yes, you read that right.

We generate the sale, you buy the sale at what it cost us to generate
that sale – then your sales person gets busy selling extra products
and YOU make the money!

You earn 100% percent commissions with a home based business
that converts at an astronomical rate, leaving everyone else
in the dust…

All with…


No more having to learn how to use auto-responders and HOPING your
recruits can do it too.

The VIP member’s training page gets you in business step by step
in just minutes! You could see your first success in your first
hour – no joke.

I’m telling ya…

This is what the market wants right now and iPAS has delivered!

It’s so simple.

I’m telling ya, it’s like printing money!

But anyway…

You couldn’t have decided to get your Success Kit at a better time.

We’re getting ready to clean up ladies and gentlemen.

Don’t leave cash on the table!

And if you weren’t paying attention before, STOP whatever you’re
doing and go to:


Get your Success Kit right now!

Take care,

-Rob Thomas 
Phone: (913)375-6689 
Address: 56 Edwards Village Blvd Ste 124 #139 Edwards, CO 81632
Your Success Partner

*Results not typical.  To see average earnings, click HERE

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