The Untold Secret To Increasing Your Recruits And Profits


One of my good internet network marketing friends was once a little bit frustrated with his income level compared to his personal production.

He was frustrated because he expected his income to be higher based on productivity and I know exactly where he was coming from. In network marketing when you do the math from the ideal perspective, the numbers look like they should be a lot larger than they are.

It’s partially due to inexperience, and partially due to being new to business, but having some consistent success.

Inexperience leads to doing the math in your business based on what you want it to be instead of what the numbers show. Until you can do the math from your success it’s hard to set the right expectations.

One huge mistake I see people make is looking at the glass half empty instead of filled to the brim.

Here’s what I mean . . .

There will come a point in your business where you know how to create results and they come in consistently on a personal level, but you’ll want to start to do the math based on your company’s compensation structure to forecast your future profit potential.

What we tend to say here (and I’ve said it) is “If I can just keep getting X number of people and if just 50% of them duplicate me in a few months, I’ll be earning Y.”

The time passes and your results don’t match your prospective math and you get discouraged. You start working a little less or with a little less energy.

You say to yourself “This isn’t working out the way I thought it would” and you’re mentally disappointed.

So you start to cut costs to increase your income. A few months later your income dips and you’re further disappointed and you say “What gives? This should be on autopilot by now?”

And then little by little the income stream gets smaller and smaller.

That’s what happens when you look at the glass half full. I personally choose to look at the situation from the other perspective, filled to the brim.

Who cares if you’re not earning what you thought you should? I’m fully grateful I’m making a dime. Most people online, some 95% of them, spend and make nothing.

If you’ve got the process down and you’re earning a partial or full time income from home, throw your arms in the air and scream “HOOORAHHH!”

The mistake many make at this point, and what I advise people against doing, is slowing down production and decreasing expenses to increase net profits.

In the short term it may work, but long term you’ll lose momentum and profits. The true path to increase your income is the exact opposite and it’s extremely counter intuitive.

Just like those who scream that we’re in a recession and we all need to cut cost will lose out in the end if they do, so will you and I. The correct action when you want to increase income long term is to increase production now and always think globally and long term.

It’s not so much about right now, and how bad or good things are. It’s about how good things will get in the future.

You always want to hedge your bet for tomorrow. The RIGHT reaction for a slump or less than expected results is the pointed increase of productivity in terms of personal out put and ad spends.

This reaction may decrease net profits now, but it will increase recruits, and income long term and that’s what you’re really after – long term consistent growth.

What you’ll read out there online is that magically you’ll make money for nothing, but that ain’t reality my friend.

Online business is still business, the more you spend the more you make now and later.

Instead of thinking how little you can spend on a lead or a recruit, think how MUCH.

Once you get your mind thinking down that path you’ll find you’re playing in the realm of the big dogs.

If you start to think about how MUCH you can spend on a lead or recruit you have to think about the overall profitability of your business which is more important than income right now.

To increase the probability of your business being around long term start thinking about how you can pay more, do more now, and engineer your business so that you can do so and you’ll find yourself with an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

If you can spend more on leads than your competition, you dominate flat out. You’ll pull leads and recruits out of places they could never think about and because of it your business thrives and theirbusiness hangs on a thread.

I know this is an advanced discussion and may challenge some of the ideas you thought were the path to online success, so I urge you to read through this message more than once to really get the gist.


Let’s start overflowing,

Rob Thomas

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