How to Break the Cycle of Debt and Start Building Success



I want to share something I learned while reviewing a video for a fellow network marketer, Tom. In this video, he shared his story of how he broke his personal cycle of debt ($40,000 in the red) to a $3.2 million business online in two years.

(Just a litte side note): It’s always important to share your story with your customer prospects. It allows you to appear REAL on multiple levels, and being real is what it’s all about and really what people want.

After his story, Tom switched to an explanation of the current worldwide financial crisis and really brought the point home.

This financial crisis that we’ve found ourselves in, as a society, is unlike any we’ve had in recent history.

In the past, when there have been financial, national and international downturns, people have lost their jobs. But they still had some wealth – A nest egg in their homes.

Maybe, 10% to 20% equity, so they would sell off and either rent or downgrade to a smaller home.

Unfortunately, in today’s market, many homes have also lost value. As a result, it has left many people between a rock and a hard place.

Unique binds like this cause for novel solutions . . .

There has not been another time in our history where a person could learn a skill, start a business, and have a worldwide audience for that business all in the span of week.

The millionaires that this “novel solution” is creating are truly a new breed for a new age.

What I want you think about is . . .

First, did that piece of knowledge give you value and new perspective?

I know, for me, I gained a whole new perspective the first time I heard it from one of my mentors. It reaffirmed for me just how important we are as online entrepreneurs creating this “new version” of wealth.

But here’s what’s most important.

When you bring to light this level of perspective and history with your prospects in your own recruiting process it does 2 things:

1. It gets them to view their personal situation differently by offering powerful insight. This new insight, in the end, will help YOU to persuade them to join you in your online network marketing business. This new shift will take the “cause” to create “new wealth” breaking the cycle of debt one rep at a time in this age of financial crisis.

2. It allows people to see just how much opportunity there really is once they dive into their newbusiness. This, again, will help them to make the logical choice to get started sooner than later (with you).

When you share your testimony and global perspective in your marketing and educational process, you help turn on the lights in the minds of your prospects. And guess what? You’ll create a powerful attractive reason for them to join you.

Sharing such perspective is vital to you breaking their cycle of debt and you creating personal wealth in the process.


-Rob Thomas


(Are you ready to start working with Rob today? Click here to create your FREE account and watch the video that explains his iPAS2 success program!)

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