What’s The Best Traffic Source?


Have you wondered what’s the best source of traffic online? Many people do. For me the answer is simple – The source that pays for itself.

Let me explain and give you insight I never had until very recently. There is NO ONE best source of traffic, there are many.

What makes a good marketer is the ability to find and exploit as many as possible, but most people want to simply be handed a solution that places them in a situation where they bare no involvement and can be passive as far as this part of their business goes.

That’s why lead companies make a killing.

They simply say “Give me your money and I’ll make sure you never have to deal with getting leads again.”

It’s incredibly enticing and it seems to take a huge burden off our shoulders, but it really doesn’t. It handicaps you. Once you give in you’re now “hooked” to that provider in a situation where you have no control over lead quality – very bad.

But this isn’t a discussion of lead companies. I bring this up because the desire for things to just be handed to us is a strong one and giving into it can put you in a dangerous situation I suggest you avoid.

There are several good ways to go out and get leads, so let me give you priceless advice.

Forget about conversion rates when getting traffic, think only in terms of money in and money out. If you do this things get so much easier.

If you “test” a traffic source and you make a dollar more than you spent then consider it gold and do everything in your power to keep that stream open and flowing.


It’s free high quality leads and if you think this way it doesn’t matter if your company’s product converts high or low, just simply if you’re profitable.

To find the best traffic sources, and as I think back personally . . .

It’s important to think in terms of “testing”.

Everything is a “test” in my mind, and I think because of this perspective I’m able to create success where others are not – so it’s a mindset I highly suggest you adopt.

It puts you into the drivers seat.

Too many network marketers want to throw in the towel prematurely and say “It didn’t work” and simply quit.

Don’t be one of them, you have to get over the ideas of success and failure it’s all just a test.

Some tests will work out quite well and others won’t. Keep doing what works and get rid of the rest and you’ll soon find yourself very profitable.

Rock the Revolution,

Rob Thomas

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