The Breakthrough of a Lifetime

The weekend in San Diego, California was the weekend that changed my life forever. I went to San Diego with the intention that I was going to meet the leaders that were where I wanted to be, and I was going to learn from them. The first night we were there, I met so many awesome people on our team, and almost instantly built relationships with people that are where I wanted to be. I also went with the intention, that I was going to learn what it takes to make $30,000/ month and quit my job in the next 90 days. Guess what? I have a step by step game plan of how I’m going to make that happen, and I’m already on a fast pace to hit that goal and crush it!

Like many of you, I have been struggling online for about two years now, hopping from business to business without any real clarity on what I wanted and how I was going to make things happen. I would jump into a business, pour some money into it, pour my sweat and tears into it, learn a few things, and then fall flat. Sound familiar? I kept thinking, I know that I have what it takes to do this online thing, but why can’t I make it work?

Well, the reason I wasn’t making it work was because I wasn’t clear on what I wanted. Sure I wanted to make a bunch of money online and become successful, but why? I kept asking that question, and it took me deeper and deeper, and I realized that my biggest why and my biggest passion is that I wanted to change lives. I want to inspire people to live their lives with purpose and passion to chase their goals and dreams and crush through any obstacles that stand in their way. I want to see people overcome financial burdens, time restraints, emotional giants, and live the life that they were destined to live!

The other thing that I struggled with was the community and support group. I always felt like I was going through the crazy online world alone. There were people that I looked up to and admired, but they were usually always untouchable or unreachable. That was until I found Team Wukar and Team Inspire. I have never ever seen a group of individuals with so much heart and so much passion. When we were in San Diego this weekend, it felt like we were at a family reunion, not a launch event. The relationships and stories that were shared here are what changes people’s mindset from that of doubt to a mindset that says, “I can freaking DO THIS!” And that’s where I had my breakthrough…


Guys, some of you might be reading this and it is really hitting home for you. I hope that it is. I know what it’s like to be struggling to the point where all you have left is a will. But I want you to know, that we have a team that will not let you fail. We will not let you fall behind. We will show you what it takes to succeed, and we have the tools to do it (and they will blow your mind, and I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this). We will create an army of leaders that are full of passion, commitment, and gratitude. AND WE WILL CHANGE THE FREAKING WORLD!

Are you in, or are you out?

Love you all,
Rob Thomas

This is your time, are you ready? Find out more by clicking this link… You can also reach out to me anytime right here on my Facebook.

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