Christmas Is 1 Week Away!

Hey Facebook Fam! It’s time for another winner…

CHRISTMAS CONTEST!!!! (Day 9 of the Christmas Trivia Contest)

For the next 7 days until Christmas, we will be having a contest each day to kick off the Holidays. We will be asking a trivia question each day and the first person to complete all 3 tasks listed below will win…

1 ONE YEAR V.I.P VOUCHER TO THE WORLD’S LARGEST CASH BACK ONLINE MALL!!! valued at $99.00 this is an amazing prize for the GIVING SEASON. My wife and I already saved over $100 on our holiday shopping!

We can’t just give these things away… so of course, there has to be some RULES…

1. Create your FREE account at (you have to have this setup before I can send you the voucher).
2. In the comments section tell me one thing you are grateful for

Here’s the QUESTION: A recent poll of adults found this to cause more stress than anything else.

Ready, GO!

Answer to yesterday’s question….close the door!! ) Congrats to our day 8 winner!

P.S. This is a huge deal, guys. The V.I.P. voucher, on average, saves families over $600 per year. And we’re giving this away for FREE! You won’t want to miss this contest! Don’t know what this Dubli thing is? Watch the video here…

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