A home business will never work for Billy

I have a customer named Billy.

I’ve known Billy for years.

Billy buys just about every product that comes out.

Billy never puts any of those products to use. Instead,
he just keeps buying more and more stuff. Never using
any of it.

Or, he’ll use it just long enough until his Shiny Object Syndrome
clicks in.

You know what I mean.
The next great thing.
The next big launch.
The next big guru’s snazzy new product.

He just keeps purchasing more and more to clog up his
hard drive and his library.

Billy’s wife is ticked off at him and doesn’t believe this will
ever work for him.

Sometimes, I’m inclined to think she’s right.

I’ll be honest. When I see a commission from Billy, I don’t even
like the way it makes me feel. Because I know that he’s buying
something that really will work…

…but the problem is that he won’t do it.

And he goes further down the rabbit hole.

Then, out of the blue something happened.

A Miracle Hit Billy.

This is a true story by the way (I only changed the name Billy).

He came across a system that promised to be so simple and
would really work. Like all the other promises, Billy jumped
on this one.

But guess what?

Billy actually started getting tons of prospects.
At the end of his first week, he had over 200 leads.
In his first 10 days, he’d earned over $800 in personal net income.

Billy was doing it.

He was making an honorable income, selling a solid product
and using a system that worked.

It’s changed him. He’s different now.

I can hear it in his voice when we talk on the phone.

I can see it in his emails when he sends me a note
about how he just had his first $500 day.

Even his wife is happy. smile emoticon

Billy’s story isn’t the only one. I’m seeing this every day.

People who have never made a dime are making money….
who are suddenly getting amazing results.

People who said, “those things never work” dared to believe
one more time…..and now they’re making a full-time income in
less than a month.

I’ll be honest: this has changed me too.

It proves to me that anyone can have the success I’m having.
That Billy’s having.

So, here’s what I want to share with you:

If you’ve struggled to make money and failed, it was
not your fault.

You just didn’t have this. You were missing a few pieces of
the puzzle.

This has created more “buzz” than anything else I’ve ever

So, I want to share this with you again….


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It’s real. I really hope you watch.

Rob Thomas

P.S. Yes, this is a true story. I’d love for you to be the
next success story on my team….

Watch the video here…..

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Welcome aboard!

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