And Today’s Topic Is? Fear And Desire

On one end, we have to overcome our own limiting fear, whether it be of failure or of success to breakthrough to new levels of personal success and new growth.

On the other end, we have to build the desire to break through those fears and build the desire in the minds of our prospects for what we have to offer in order to help them break through their own barriers and jump on board in our success wagon.

Mastering both fear and desire internally and externally will make you more than a few dollars . . .

Let’s talk about these two big pink elephants in the room in a candid way. I must warn you some of the things I share will be very personal. I ask that you simply keep this between us.

First let’s talk about the big bad wolf of fear and how it plays into our money and recruiting getting efforts.

For me, when I first got started, I had a HUGE fear of selling. Later, that same fear grew with each rejection I endured trying to dial in my way to profits.

It got so bad that just the thought of speaking to another lead got my heart racing and my armpits sweaty.

Seemed like by the six or seventh month, I had to literally psych myself up just to pick up the phone. Sometimes, I would even have to drink a beer or two just to muster up the confidence to chat with someone. Sad, I know…and a very dangerous road to go down

It was something of ritual . . .

I’d be on the drive home from my day job, thinking about my little home business that “couldn’t,” and up would pop this frog in my throat.

All those thoughts of what had happened in the past days trying to make “that thing” work, hurt.

Getting hung up on. Getting yelled at. Being called the lowest scum on the planet just for trying to grow a little old business.

Those things stung, and I did try to forget them, but they only seemed to lodge their way deeper into my psyche.

It flat out scared me. I didn’t want that pain any longer. Slowly but surely this lead calling thing started to lose steam, but then . . .

Up popped up my good friend “Desire” from somewhere deep down inside. He flashed visions of a fresh new future in my mind’s eye. He threw coals on the fire.

Desire picked me up each time I was knocked down. Desire taught me new skills. Desire carried me through to multiple streams of income and the promise of a new life.

But wouldn’t you know it . . .

The checks started growing larger and a weird thing happened.

I got scared again. “What if this works? What then?” Again, with the same heart pumping anxiety and heavy feelings. I just couldn’t figure it out.

Why the fear? I wasn’t failing.

Ahh . . . This time it was not the fear of failure, it was his other face, fear of success. How can you fear success? The very thing you had worked so hard for . . .

Less and less, did I want to do the things that were working. I knew if they kept working I just might make it out of that little old job I had, but then what?

People would look up to me. What would I say? I’d have more free time. What would I do with it?

This fear was not one of known failures, but one of the unknowns of success. And well, you want to know what happened next?

You guessed it . . .

My good friend Desire showed up again.

Fear of failure was my first foe. He was defeated by the desire for a new future at any and all costs.

Fear of success soon followed. He was defeated by my complete and utter desire to never let myself down again.

Fear and desire have no face. They can arise in the best and worst of times. These foes are forever at battle within us.

Fear wins, We lose. Desire wins, We win.

The secret is . . . to find the desire in every situation which outweighs the fear.

You do this, and you will never be defeated.

I’m here for you,

Rob Thomas

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