Why History and Adversity Can Be Entrepreneurs’ Best Friends

History has shown us time and time again that those who stay persistent usually come out on top. They learn how to make things happen through trial and error and continue to press on even against everyone else’s criticism.

Take Thomas Edison, for example. Edison failed over 1,000 times when trying to create the light bulb before he finally found the way that worked. Think about where we might be today if this early age entrepreneur would have just given up. I’m sure there were lots of people around him who constantly jeered at him and said. “just give it up already.”

These are two things that, when you understand the power behind them, can be greatly used towards your advantage. There have been several times in my business where fit has been hitting the shan over and over. (Pardon my expression there, but you know exactly what I’m talking about smile emoticon). But, somewhere in the back of my mind, I have ingrained the important message of “this too shall pass.”

Maybe you have been working on your business for many years, or maybe you have just recently gotten started. Or, maybe you’re just checking things out, but here are some tips that will help any entrepreneur young or old. Enjoy!

1. KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple)

2. Your goals need to stretch your comfort levels, not your servers

3. Don’t be a one hit wonder

4. Find what people want, and fill it.

5. Expect Hiccups

6. Hire or recruit people who understand your vision

7. Do good and good will follow

8. Do the right thing

This industry can be so loud and distracting that sometimes it’s hard to just stay focused. Remember, that no matter where you are right now, the world needs to hear YOU and everything that you are. Your vision will always trump the circumstances you are going through right now. We all have obstacles that we have to jump over everyday like financial burdens, trouble with traffic, lack of support, and uncertainty of marketing strategies. Just remember, that your vision will always be stronger than the hardships you are dealing with right now, and that setbacks always set the stage for the greatest comebacks.

So ask yourself right now…what is your vision and how can you turn it into the life of your dreams?

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

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