Make Money Being Average

If you have ever thought that you can’t “make it” without being a guru or a being a person handed a silver platter, then pay close attention:

YOU ARE 100% WRONG! I live every day doing average stuff, and I win every day! Here’s my little secret. . .

One evening, I was hanging out on the couch after a delicious meal that my lovely wife created while treating myself to a little Netflix.
In my crazy world, that’s a treat. Being able to kick back and watch a little TV. So there I was, panning through the selections, as I came to a screeching halt, pupils dilated, and I settled in for the guiltiest of male pleasures.

Come on..No! Not that! . . . A documentary on the “World’s Strongest Man Competition!” DUH!

I say to myself, “Welp, looks like I might be here for a while.”

For the first little bit, it consists of just the qualifier rounds where everyone else is eliminated except for the top two finishers. These men then go on to the finals.

Then it started getting real good. The big show! This is where being wonderfully average fits into winning.

If you’ve ever indulged in watching this interesting competition before, you know that each barbarian giant competes in seven separate events. At the end of these seven events, the ogre with the highest overall score wins.

Well, in this particular documentary, the winner only won ONE of the seven events. He placed between sixth and second in all the rest.

So let’s break this down. If you can be given the title of the “World’s Strongest Man” by placing second through sixth most of the time, then there’s huge power in just being average.

Alright fair enough, I understand that the competition was made of the strongest dudes in the world, but still, second through sixth was all that it took!

It’s absolutely outlandish for you to try to be the master of every skill. There simply isn’t enough time in the whole world for that kind of shenanigans.

At the most, choose one, and be average at the others. This is what I do, and it’s why I have been successful.

The good news for you and I is that we are not up against the best in the world. Instead, we are competing with the punk that keeps buying leads and converting them (and when you break it down, this is actually super simple).

Don’t shoot for being the top lead generator or the best sales person. Instead, shoot for being average in those areas, and pick ONE that you can kick butt at!

And you will soon discover that the dollar signs are just around the corner.

(Remember, this is coming straight from the donkey’s mouth)

Forget all the hype and jargon online and the constant one uppers.

But if you so choose, go ahead and feel free to spend your valuable time trying to master it all if you like. But me and the other money grabbers online will keep doing what we do best.

While you perfect perfection, we’ll simply continue to get richer by underachieving.

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

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