Tackle Your Goals With These 6 Awesome Apps!

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about something that is absolutely critical to your success in this business.

And that is GOALS.

We all understand the importance of setting goals, but many of us fail to really dive in deep with setting a well-formed outcome that will take you where you want to go.

Goals hold us accountable to achieving the dreams we store in our minds. They help tell us what we really want out of life, and they propel us to get there.

Whether it’s losing that annoying 15 lbs, or reaching that residual $10k/month in our business, or spending more time with our kids, or taking that dream vacation; setting deadlines and tracking these goals is crucial to making them happen.

It’s 2015 and pretty much everything we do now a days is in some way, digital.

So guess what?

There are several amazing apps that allow us to integrate our goals into our digital life. This way, your goals stare you right in the face every time you push that little button on the side of your phone to see what’s going on.

These apps make it super easy to stay motivated and committed to tackling these goals. Some of these apps even have an option to make your goals public, giving you that extra little nudge and allowing you to garner the extra support from friends and family.

I encourage you all to try a few of these out and find the one that suites you best!


1. GoalsOnTrack (Free / Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7)

2. LifeTick (starting at $2.50/month for individuals or $14/month for business / Available for iPhone, Android and iPad)

3. Habit List ($3.99 / Available for iPhone)

4. Irunurun (Free for personal version / Available on iPhone and iPad)

5. Lift (Free / Available for iPhone, Android)

6. StickK (Free / Available for iPhone, Android)

I personally use Lift, because it is free to use on my Android, but they all serve the same purpose. Use one of these apps to start taking daily action on your goals, and you’ll be amazed with the things you can accomplish!

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

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