3 Things You Must Know About The Network Marketing Industry

If you’ve been out there in the world of network marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed several different systems being used by different leaders and different companies.

In fact, it can be extremely confusing with all the different options out there.

I remember when I first got started 2 years ago, I would just about jump on every opportunity that hit my inbox.

So naturally, the obvious question comes to mind . . . Which system is the best?

To tell you the truth, I really can’t tell you which system is the best. The reason that one system works great for one company may be a total disaster if transposed to a different company.

As humans, we tend to narrow-mindedly only think about the best or the worst.

We always want to know who’s the best at this and who’s the best at that, or what’s the best system for this or what’s the best system for that. When in reality the world we live in isn’t filled with just black and white – right or wrong.

Let’s take a few seconds, together, to go through a few principles about systems:

1. The simpler the system, the better.
2. The more focused, the better. Leave ambiguity behind.
3. The higher the price, the more need for human touch.

The first principle is pretty self-explanatory. The simpler the system the easier it will be for someone new to pick up and duplicate.

Like I talked about in a recent article, network marketing is all about duplication and the more complicated the process of duplication is made the slower it will occur if at all.

If you were to create your own system make sure you keep it as simple as possible. This will allow you greatly increase the chances that that system will be successfully duplicated down your genealogy.

The second principle may need a little more explanation. Out there in the world of network marketing there are internal systems and external systems created.

The internal systems are our company’s marketing systems and tools. We, as marketers, have little control over these. So it’s important that you choose a strong internal system from the onset if you really want to give yourself a head start in creating success.

If you choose to use an external system for your team, make sure that it’s focused and NOT generic or too ambiguous.


There MUST be congruency between your system and your company or you risk creating confusion and ambiguity.

This is something that took me a long time to learn, and I’m still working on it today. But let me save you the headache later on, you must stay congruent in everything you do!

There are two situations that I’ve come across out there online to lookout for that you should be weary of.

The system that is completely generic – a system of just a system.

If you have a system that is NOT tightly focused around your business then it becomes a system that exists just to be a system. The system works at getting people to use the system, but in reality it’s not all that strong at really growing your personal business because the people you attracted are attracted to the system and NOT your business.

That’s NOT what you want.

Now, if you create a system that people love, BUT the only way for them to access that system is through joining you and only your business then you have something very powerful.

It’s the congruency and continuity that makes it strong NOT the systems.

Let’s move on . . .

The system with too many businesses to join –

These are the systems where they claim everything is free and they lead you down a path of “join X business first then Y business second” and so on because that’s all a part of the SYSTEM.

First off, a system like this is not simple so it violates our first principle, and it requires too many steps to be completed successfully so you’re probability of successfully completing all the steps involved is decreased, and duplication dies.

Secondarily, a business like this is pointless because it really contribute towards your efforts on building a business that is about YOU!

I heard this from my mentor once, and I want to pass it on to you…

In this industry, focus on your one business and put all your eggs in that one basket. Only after you max out the comp plan should you consider joining another business, but when you’re making $50,000 a month why would you even want to?

I’ve seen these sites where they promote joining one business after the other. And the honest truth is they may work for the first year or two and make the creators of the system a good deal of cash, but they have always failed in the long run because of their lack of focus.

Make sure your system is simple and focused.

The last idea I want to share is just that the higher the price of your company’s product or service, the more human touch you are going to need to focus on for your system to work.

For high ticket items, over $1000, that human touch doesn’t necessarily have to be something you do personally, but it must be a part of the system.

And well, that’s it.

Here’s the bottom line though . . . systems do work and will work for you, just be sure your system holds up to the principles above.

I believe in you,
Rob Thomas

Here’s what you need to do next, watch this FREE video to see the system that has worked for me that holds up to these three principles…www.freedom.robthomasco.com

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