Make The Right Guess When It Comes To Generating Leads

Today I want to talk to you guys about lead generation.

We all know that to make money in this industry, you must generate new leads every day and then sell to those leads.

When you are considering a new traffic source to generate these leads, make sure that it fits into one of these categories:

1. Off-line ads (newspaper,mailing,etc.) Not recommended!
2. Social media or blog marketing
3. Pay per click marketing

If you’re brand new with your lead generation efforts, I would focus only on the last two and only these two.

Why might you ask?

You will understand what I am saying when you actually go and put your feet in the water.

You must take action and gather some relative responsiveness.

I can sit here and tell you what to do, but it’s a totally different experience when you learn firsthand from your own advertising efforts.

This is the exact road I took when I first got started. I put my feet in the mud and started learning PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

At the time I didn’t have a freakin clue what I was doing, but I put my head down and learned what I needed to know.

A little bit of trial and error and some split-testing, and I had it mostly figured out.

This is a simple strategy that works, but there is a much faster way to do things now.

Find a method of advertising that fits your style and that you enjoy, and then learn everything you need to know about that area.

For me, I love FB ads. I love how laser targeted you can make them. I love the pond that I can fish in with them, and I love all of the free viral engagement I get from them.

Let me help you out a little with this one. In the beginning, I learned the hard way.

I went out and dumped a bunch of money into PPC, specifically FB ads.

I didn’t really have any real strategy other than just trying to get my offers in front of eyeballs that I thought would want my product.

But then I recently found a course that has everything in it for the beginner to actually start generating leads and making sales right away.

These guys lay it out in a stupid simple way that actually makes sense!

This is something I wish I had in the beginning.

Just so you don’t have to go digging through the whole internet, you can find my favorite FB training right here.

Otherwise, find something that you enjoy doing and stick to the basics.

When in doubt and, if you’re brand stinking new, stick with the list above.

Now, I’m sure you’re aware that this sure isn’t all the traffic there is out there in our internet universe.

But, after you’ve cranked out a few ads and have submerged yourself in the advertising campaigns using the list above, then you can go fishing!


With your own basic understanding and experience, and a keen eye out for super simple but effective strategies. (And good training if available!)

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. . .

Recently, I’ve been investigating a new traffic source, and I came across a blog where the owner of the blog regularly updated the material and sends an email to his mailing list to let them know about the updates.

He also had banner ads available.

If it were to be just a regular old spot on a blog without the special mailing list component, I probably wouldn’t have been that interested. But since the owner was regularly posting new content AND sending these out in his newsletter, I knew this was probably a pretty good opportunity.


These prospects were getting frequent email updates that there was new information for their consumption over on the blog.

I bit the bullet and started testing!

After a few days since I found this little nugget, early results were as I expected – A very responsive group.

Without really knowing what makes a group of prospects “responsive” from a conceptual point of view, I probably would have let this one pass by me.

The best places to test won’t grab you by the hand and say “Hey YOU! Place an ad here and you’re gonna CRUSH IT!”

But, after a little practice, you will start to see through the clutter and start making the right guesses after you have mastered the fundamentals.

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

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