Wednesday night, my friend & mentor, Landon Stewart, will teach you the exact process he’s used to generate 8,319 leads & enroll 350+ into his business using Facebook ads.

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But before you click the link to register, please let me make the point that his results aren’t typical and we’re not implying that anyone will do the same. (Although I certainly hope you do even better than us. That would be great.)

Anyway – the average person who attends any “how to” training probably gets no results at all.

That’s my guess. Bummer.


You can register for this brand new training. Here:

It begins Wednesday night at 8:00 PM EST. There’s no charge and Landon will be on LIVE at the end to take your questions personally.

Thanks and I hope you find it helpful! : )


Are you Picturing Your Success?

His name is “Jeffrey,” and we had one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time on the topic of manifesting success from out of the thing air.

Along with being a great artist, “Jeffrey” is a success expert and he shared some of it with me.

I’m learning to become a huge personal development fanatic. In fact, I don’t think I would have made my first couple thousand online if it were not for my fanatic stance on personal development.

A habit I developed in the last 6 months is to constantly infuse my mind with powerful thoughts, so as I go through the day, whether I’m working or not, I’m listening to something that puts me in the success frame of mind.

If there is a secret here, it’s to constantly feed the mind. Your mind is like a muscle that you must constantly condition. If you don’t keep working it out it shrivels up and those negative thoughts and feelings start to show up again.

Well, in this certain conversation I had, we took things quite a bit further. Jeffrey discussed with me how he had been using visualization to achieve his goals and how powerfully it has worked for him. So rather than thinking about and focusing on what you want he’s a huge proponent of visuals all around to feed the process.

The more Jeffrey explained his technique the more I realized I had been using them all along. Setting mental goals for myself, imagining myself achieving it, really feeling it… all while working towards making it happen.

Even after I’ve reached my goal I keep memories of it and write them down… as a screensaver on my computer, for example. Why? This helps me remember the goals that I have achieved and this also throws some fuel on the fire for my future.

The crazy thing is I had been using visualization to help myself grow all along and I hadn’t even known the power of it. The difference now is that I am more focused on the strategy of how to lay everything out in a way that empowers me. Now, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

So my tip for you today is to find a picture of a goal that you achieved in the past and find a way to plaster it in front of your face. As you work to grow your business, it will be a an excellent power boost to your focus and determination.

-Rob Thomas

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I’ll see you on the inside!

Discover How To Generate New Leads & Reps Using Simple Facebook Ads

How would you like my friend & mentor, Landon Stewart, to show you EXACTLY how he’s used simple Facebook ads to generate 8,319 leads & enroll 358 people into his business, LIVE, this Wednesday night? : )

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I got started in my first network marketing business about 2 years ago. I was a 23 year old kid, newly married… and when I saw a way for me to create an income… without a job, without a boss, while traveling around the world…

…I was instantly hooked – and I started working on my business like crazy.

Except it didn’t work for me the way they said that it would.

After about a year and a half of struggling and thousands of dollars down the hole, I had still made no money, and honestly, I was about ready to give up.

But then, here’s what happened next:

Last year, I discovered Facebook ads.

And these simple, little ads changed everything for me. Because for the first time in my life, all of a sudden, I had LEADS. I had new leads coming in, daily – whether I worked or not.

In fact, my mentor Landon, has been able to:

#1: Go from struggling in his business… to generating over 8,000 leads & enrolling 350+ into his business…

…ALL from Facebook ads.

#2: One ad alone generated him over 2,000 leads and enrolled 83 new people into his business.

#3: He then taught these strategies to a few of his students (myself being one of them), and one of them went from struggling in his business for 7+ years… to enrolling 18 new people in just 30 days.

That being said – Wednesday night at 8:00 PM EST we’re doing a live training to walk you through the exact process you can use to generate more leads & enroll more reps using Facebook ads.

We’re even going to take you behind the scenes of some of his best top ads of all time, so that you can see how to start getting amazing results right away.

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This training will be DIFFERENT than what you’re used to because in it, Landon is going to walk you through specific and actionable strategies that are working RIGHT NOW.

However, this is NOT for “get rich quick” people, and these results are certainly not typical. BUT we are happy to share with you exactly what’s working for us – for free.

Plus – Landon will be on the line at the end to answer your questions and help you personally.”

Spots are limited, so to watch it, go here and register right now:

See you Wednesday night : )

– Rob

Are You Sabotaging Your Biz Before It Begins?

I hope you are having an amazing day so far! I just wanted
to take a moment today to bring to light a limiting belief that
I have been noticing in my biz.

It’s a trend that can destroy your business even before it

A trend that, without you even realizing it, can lead you down
a path to utter failure.

It’s a trend that is so sneaky and discreet that it could be happening
to you right now without you even noticing it.

As your business starts to grow, you will naturally begin to deal
and talk with more and more people every day. This is
something new that has been happening to me lately.

I chat with all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds each
day, and maybe just like you, I get a very wide scope of what’s
going on in the industry today through the power of social media.

And lately, I’ve began to notice something.

Most of the people I communicate with will either send me
a message on Facebook or shoot me an email. They usually
start off by saying something like, “Hey Rob, I don’t have any
extra money or extra time,
but I would really like to make this whole network marketing
business thing work. Could you show me exactly what you have
done without spending any money or having to sacrifice any extra
time, because I really don’t have either?”

Now, I am nowhere near an expert, nor will do I claim to be, but if
I can tell you one thing, it’s that getting to where I am right now
did not just magically happen when I got out of bed one morning.
This industry takes a lot of consistent hard work.

Now, I definitely don’t mind helping people get their business
going (and actually, I really enjoy it), but it makes me sad when
I hear this from someone who is just dipping their toes into the
internet pool.

It’s not that I am disappointed because these people don’t have
the startup or time in the beginning, because I have been there
too. But, what gets me is their mindset from the starting point.

These people, whether they know it right now or not,
are immediately disqualifying themselves from success before
they even get started!

They enter this industry from the “winning lottery ticket”
mindset, and let me tell you, that is a dead-end road to be on.

They purchased their ticket, and now they are just sitting
around waiting to cash in.

Their scale between hope and confidence is out of line, with hope
having the greater weight.

When you jump into this industry from the position of focusing
on what you don’t have, then you are starting off on the wrong foot
and from the wrong paradigm.

Broken down, this paradigm is saying . . .

“I really hope this works for me, so tell me exactly what
I need to do, and I’ll do it…as long as it doesn’t require
any more of my time or money. Because as soon as it
does, I’m going to quit because, obviously, it’s not going
to work.

Well, that person couldn’t be more wrong!

And, trust me, I totally understand why people unconsciously
think this way.

I receive messages just like everyone else and a lot of them say
something like, “Join this business under me and I’ll build your downline
for you.”

They act as if just getting in is magically going to start
making you money.

And yes, there are some marketers that will send out this
message and probably get 1 or 2 people to join them in their
business, but their approach is poor. They are playing the
card of attracting laziness or get-rich-quick seekers.
Think about this play long term. Do you really want
these kind of people to join you in your business?

Let’s say you do end up in a business with this type of
strategy, and that person actually does put some people
under you in your business.

Think about why those people are below you.

Just like you, they are all waiting for that initial person
to shell out some people under them.

And then your stuck in a stinky stagnant cesspool.

Some of these people might stick around for awhile, but
the truth is that it’s highly unlikely that any of them will
take any action because they didn’t learn anything from

If you are not willing to learn the skills and are simply just waiting
for someone to do everything for you, then you are not growing
your business. Sure, you might make a few commissions
from a few random signups, but you didn’t learn any skills
that will create the long-term residual income that you dreamed
of in the first place.

So . . .

With this type of message bombarding the internet these
days, it’s clear why so many people are struggling. There
are naïve people buying into it thinking that someone else
is doing all of the background work while they get to just
sit back and collect a check. They do this without knowing
the truth or really putting in the personal effort to learn
what it really takes to make it in this industry.

At first, it can create some initial excitement, but it’s
lazy and it will not work.

Let’s get back to my point…

When you are new, and you approach your business
with the attitude mentioned above (what you don’t
have or simply cannot do), then you are setting
yourself up for a disaster waiting to happen. You are
limiting any chance of success.

Even if you don’t have a dollar left to your name, don’t
treat your business like you haven’t got a dime or any time.

If you are running your business like a peasant, then you
will get paid like a peasant.

Now, can you actually make money in network marketing with very minimal
time or money?

Yes, but you have to imagine your business from an abundant

Personally, I didn’t have a lot of money or time when I first started
marketing my business online, but I never thought of it as
a disadvantage.

Instead I thought to myself . . .

How can I create the money and time that it will require to reach
the high level of success that I desire.

I saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and I saw
a powerful industry that could help make my dreams come true.

Let me end with these closing thoughts…

The resources and tools you need for success are out there whether you
have found them yet or not.

Your first job is to realize this, and then start to find creative ways
to tap into them.

Don’t sabotage your business before it even begins by
disqualifying yourself from success.

I’m here for you,
– Rob

Here’s what you need to do next…click the link below to watch the same video

that has taken me from struggling in my business to finally creating an income from home.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Take A Leap of Faith

How could someone go from $0 to over $10,000 a month and without a shadow of a doubt know that he would be at that point in his business in that exact time frame?

It’s the type of stuff that you can’t buy in books and you can’t learn unless someone directly explains it to you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I definitely recommend reading and listening to audio daily, but there is something that can catapult you faster than anything else in the world…

Finding a mentor and modeling that person.

Have you ever come across a person sharing their success story and their techniques to getting there, but it’s way out in left field for you? What did you do? Did you keep listening? Apply their techniques? Or disregard it, since it was out of your comfort zone?

Well before you toss this successful person aside because he’s a little too different from you, go home and apply their teachings to your daily business and see what results you get.

Like a good student, get on their mailing list to see if you can pick up anything from their style.

As a subscriber, you may get a second chance to take advantage of a great offer that you had once passed up on. For example, getting one-on-one help with duplicating their success within your business model.

If the price is still a bit unsettling think about the return on investment for what you’re going to be taught and that value that they will bring. If the return has a greater percentage than some other investments you have made in the past, then do it. Take the opportunity to learn how to reach your success.

Often I find myself contemplating if I should spend a ton more money than I normally would on something if I know that it can indeed help me be more successful. I have found myself faced with the above situation a couple of times, and even when I got a second chance to take advantage of a special offer (that was still a little more than I was used to spending), I still thought about it some more.

But once the bulb switched on in my head, I saw how the return on the investment would be to my advantage. And you know what? I pulled the trigger. And my recent success shows that I definitely made the right choice!

On your path to success, remember:

1. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to achieve the goals you have.

2. Even the craziest ideas work out better than the status quo, so you have to keep an open mind at all times.

3. If a person that is further along the path to success than you are currently is willing to teach you how to achieve your goals quicker you have to take them up on it if your goals really are your goals no matter what the price!

Take a leap of faith…

And I’ll catch you,
Rob Thomas

Here’s what you need to do next…click the link below to watch the same video that has taken me from struggling in my business to finally creating an income from home.

I’ll see you on the inside!

The Untold Secret To Increasing Your Recruits And Profits

One of my good internet network marketing friends was once a little bit frustrated with his income level compared to his personal production.

He was frustrated because he expected his income to be higher based on productivity and I know exactly where he was coming from. In network marketing when you do the math from the ideal perspective the numbers look like they should be a lot larger than they are.

It’s partially due to inexperience, and partially due to being new to business, but having some consistent success.

Inexperience leads to doing the math in your business based on what you want it to be instead of what the numbers show. Until you can do the math from your success it’s hard to set the right expectations.

One huge mistake I see people make is looking at the glass empty instead of full to the brim.

Here’s what I mean . . .

There will come a point in your business where you know how to create results and they come in consistently on a personal level, but you’ll want to start to do the math based on your company’s compensation structure to forecast your future profit potential.

What we tend to say here (and I’ve said it) is “If I can just keep getting X number of people and if just 50% of them duplicate me in a few months, I’ll be earning Y.”

The time passes and your results don’t match your prospective math and you get discouraged. You start working a little less or with a little less energy.

You say to yourself “This isn’t working out the way I thought it would” and you’re mentally disappointed.

So you start to cut costs to increase your income. A few months later your income dips and you’re further disappointed and you say “What gives? This should be on autopilot by now?”

And then little by little the income stream gets smaller and smaller.

That’s what happens when you look at the glass half full. I personally choose to look at the situation from the other perspective, filled to the brim.

Who cares if you’re not earning what you thought you should. I’m fully grateful I’m making a dime. Most people online, some 95% of them, spend and make nothing.

If you’ve got the process down and you’re earning a partial or full time income from home, throw your arms in the air and scream “HOOORAHHH!”

The mistake many make at this point, and what I advise people against doing, is slowing down production and decreasing expenses to increase net profits.

In the short term it may work, but long term you’ll lose momentum and profits. The true path to increase your income is the exact opposite and it’s extremely counter intuitive.

Just like those who scream that we’re in a recession and we all need to cut cost will lose out in the end if they do, so will you and I. The correct action when you want to increase income long term is to increase production now and always think globally and long term.

It’s not so much about right now, and how bad or good things are. It’s about how good things will get in the future.

You always want to hedge your bet for tomorrow. The RIGHT reaction for a slump or less than expected results is the pointed increase of productivity in terms of personal out put and ad spends.

This reaction my decrease net profits now, but it will increase recruits, and income long term and that’s what you’re really after – long term consistent growth.

What you’ll read out there online is that magically you’ll make money for nothing, but that ain’t reality my friend.

Online business is still business, the more you spend the more you make now and later.

Instead of thinking how little you can spend on a lead or a recruit, think how MUCH.

Once you get your mind thinking down that path you’ll find you’re playing in the realm of the big dogs.

If you start to think about how MUCH you can spend on a lead or recruit you have to think about the overall profitability of your business which is more important than income right now.

To increase the probability of your business being around long term start thinking about how you can pay more, do more now, and engineer your business so that you can do so and you’ll find yourself with an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

If you can spend more on leads than your competition, you dominate flat out. You’ll pull leads and recruits out of places they could never think about and because of it your business thrives and their business hangs on a thread.

I know this is an advanced discussion and may challenge some of the ideas you thought were the path to online success, so I urge you to read through this message more than once to really get the gist.

I’m here for you,
Rob Thomas

Here’s what you need to do next…click the link below to watch the same video that has taken me from struggling in my business to finally creating an income from home.

I’ll see you on the inside!

The Perfect Information At the Perfect Time

Think back to a time where you were given the right piece of encouragement at exactly the right time.

The more success you begin to generate in your network marketing business the more responsibilities you will naturally acquire, and what that means is, more tasks to complete in the same amount of time, when a few months ago you had less to do.

You’re probably thinking that this sounds like an awesome problem to have, and well it is, but it’s not quite as simple as it seems.

The simple answer is to be more disciplined in what you do.

Here’s what they don’t tell you though.

When you have 800 things on your mind, it’s not that easy to just do one thing without thinking of all the other stuff you must get done in a day.

This goes for life just as much as your network marketing business.

When going over my list of tasks in the mornings, some days I can feel a bit overwhelmed with the load, but a funny thing happens sometimes.

I get inspiration from an email newsletter from one of my favorite mentors.

It spoke to me because of its timeliness.

One of my favorite, timeless emails says:

“Try not to worry about how many things you have to do in a day because the simple truth is your mind can only hold one thought and do one thing at a time.

Relax, let go of that heavy load and focus on the task at hand. When it’s finished move on to the next one and don’t worry about the rest. Give your best effort to the current task. Finish that one, then move on to the next one and then the next, just do one thing at a time.”

And you know what?

That’s exactly what I practice.

When you are first starting out in your new business, you have a world of opportunity ahead of you and more ways to get to where you want to go than you can hold in your head…but, don’t worry about it.

Focus, first, on learning your business and the way you want to market it. Take notes and assess the positives and negatives for running your business your way and to the best of your abilities.

And most importantly, find someone who is where you want to be, and then model them. This is where I had my biggest breakthrough.

Then from there, think of ways to make the negatives positive.

Then focus your attention on testing your preferred methods of marketing your business and leave the rest behind you.

Have the discipline to do this, and you will develop the qualities of a great leader and income earner in your business.

A great leader once told me, “Don’t make time, make your time work for you.” This is a motto that I repeat to myself everyday.

Start doing the same today!
I’m here for you guys,

Rob Thomas

Here’s what you need to do next…click the link below to watch the same video that has taken me from struggling in my business to finally creating an income from home.

I’ll see you on the inside!