The Right Way To Blog

I have chatted with many different people on the right way to use blogging to recruit, sell products, and create a bigger online presence for their home business.

I want to help you realize that blogging is an extremely powerful tool to build your business.

So, here’s how to do it the right way…

Let’s first discuss the #1 mistake I see people making in their early blogging efforts.

Most people don’t understand “why” they should use blogs.

Most people just look at blogging as a primary traffic source for their business, and although it definitely can be, this is not the BEST use of a blog in our line of business.

Instead, begin to think of your blog like the cherry on top.

The most powerful use of starting your blog for your business is its ability to form a very powerful testimony for you.

Let me lay this out for you…

In one of my earlier businesses, here’s what I would do. I would blog very consistently on a daily basis about different topics relating to my niche.

At the bottom of the blog, I would include the number of people in our team at that point in time.

Then, when we had new recruits, I would write a post welcoming them to the team and making them feel excited to be with us.

Or, if there was a certain product that was appropriate or related to the post, you can bet that I included that in the post as well!

Why would I do this?

Well, I haven’t explained to you how I used my blog to recruit, yet (relax, I’ll get there).

But, along with using a blog to recruit new prospects, I would also constantly refer my team members there for any and all updates on our business.

Just like a message board.

It was like the break room for our business. As a result, my team always checked the blog to see what was happening in our biz.

This was important for two reasons:

First, they had easy access to important current information pertaining to our team.

Secondly, it was the perfect social proof for our team.

They would land on the blog and see the number of people on the team growing, and they would see the welcome messages to our new team members.

Subconsciously, it helped raise their belief level about the business they were involved with.

It’s sometimes easy for a new recruit to get discouraged without consistent encouragement, and the blog helped give them that encouragement they were seeking.

As a result, they “believed” in the business, and took more proactive action to go out and do what we were doing to grow…which translated into a higher rate of duplication in the business and produced longer retention.

So let’s recap what we’ve discussed so far.

We’ve got a blog where we’re blogging about our team, what we’re doing to advertise, and we’re “training” our team members to check the blog often for advice and encouragement.

The team then uses that motivation to go out and build.

This causes the team to grow faster, stronger, and better.

Now, what have we created here?

It sounds like we have created a pretty solid testimonial, right?

So this is the primary use of our blog for recruiting purposes that I was mentioning earlier.

The big mistake people make, however, is they only want their blog for traffic.

You can definitely do this, and I’ll share a few tips here in a bit, but it’s not the best use for gathering traffic for recruiting purposes

If you can’t get rid of the idea of just using your blog for traffic, then consider using your blog for selling affiliate products. Keeping the testimony method in mind, you now have a central hub to drive tons and tons of eyeballs too.

Now, let’s get back to using your blog for recruiting…

I generate leads directly into my own lead capture page using Lead Pages.

Back in the day, I would use my company’s lead capture page, before I understood the power of using your own.

After my lead opts in, my autoresponder sends them a quick email telling them a little about our team, our business, and myself.

In that first email, I always include a link to my blog so my prospects can get an inside look at who I am and what things I am involved with.

This is super powerful for recruiting.

First, people are inherently voyeuristic.

People want to be spies. Let them! This is a good thing for marketers.

By sending people to my blog, they now are being exposed to my blog and my team in this example, without me even being there.

When that prospect decides they want to connect with me, they already know all about me!

I’ve always had way more success with this rather than just cold calling leads. It gives them the chance to get to know me before we even communicate.

The second reason this method is so powerful is based on the old principle called “The Power of Documentation.”

This principle states that we as good ole humans tend to take things that we read as much more truthful and legitimate than things that we just hear.

To put it another way, a prospect that is diving into your blog and checking at your team is receiving everything at face value.

It’s sometimes the opposite when your are on the phone with them, and they’re thinking to themselves, “yeah right.”

If you’re like me, you’ve had plenty of encounters with prospects on the phone where they have asked, “Well, why should I join YOU?”

This is where sending them to your blog, first, will virtually evaporate any objection and spark a powerful curiosity about you and what you’re all about.

So, when we’re talking about using a blog to recruit, it’s best to find a different traffic strategy.

(P.S. Many people ask me what I do for traffic. Comment below this post if you are wanting more info on my favorite traffic sources! Or check out one of favorites here.)

Now, I can almost hear the question welling up from inside you.

“Rob, what should I put on my blog to start?”

It’s much more simple than people make it out to be.

Start with talking about yourself and what you like to do. Then, move on to talking about your company, your company’s products and services, why you love your company, and your team.

Here’s a little tip for you…

Try asking your upline or downline to write you a quick note about why you’re great to work with and put that on your blog.

You do this, and you’ve covered it all.

Not only are your prospects learning all about you, why you love what you do, your personality, and your team…they’re also seeing these people saying awesome things about you.

Third party validation is huge!

After I started doing this consistently for about 3 or 4 months, I was blown away with the new traffic I was getting.

At the time, I was focused only on blogging, but because I was posting valuable content regularly, I was receiving around 100 visitors per day mostly just from search engines. (Before the social media aspect).

That’s pretty darn good for just starting out with a simple blog.

After some time passed, I started receiving calls out of the blue from people wanting to know about my biz, and that my friend, is where it starts getting pretty exciting.

So, let’s agree that simple search engine ranking isn’t EVERYTHING these days, and that social media presence is becoming much more important.

Let me share a few things with you, then, that can boost your blog and enhance your free traffic.

Start a fan page on Facebook that is congruent with your blog.

You can set it up so that it’s just your name if you’re focusing on network marketing.

Or, if you’re an affiliate marketer, maybe use your avatar that you have for that specific product.

Use whatever content you’re posting on your blog and copy it right to your Facebook page. Then, link to your blog right out of those FB fan page posts.

Can you see the potential and scalability here?

You can then do this for Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever other social media platform you are into.

One ninja strategy that’s really increased my blog traffic and edge rank on Facebook, personally, is using images in my blog.

On my blog posts where I inserted an image to correspond to the blog post keyword, I find myself getting a lot more traffic. So find a few images related to your blog post keyword.

Find a few other blogs in the niche and comment on a few post and link back to your blog post.

You should do this on Facebook as well. Find similar pages that are related to your specific niche and like or comment on their pages. (They usually end up returning the favor ).

The social media platforms don’t take anymore of your time, but give you way more eyeballs on your content.

(Quick little tip: try using sites like

to post to all of your social media accounts at once or at different scheduled times).

You start doing this stuff, and you’re ahead of like 99% of marketers out there today.

So, now that we’ve got traffic covered, let’s talk about the fun stuff…


You now have a blog successfully established, but how do you make money?

Well, if you’re not just focused on prompting your network marketing company, you’re most likely going to be doing some kind of affiliate marketing.

I personally use

to find products that are related to my niche and audience.

It’s free to become an affiliate and they make it super simple to find products and post them on your blog.

Once you start making a few commissions off of your blog from things that you love to post about anyway, you will start to get very excited.

This will be a powerful positive reinforcement that will make all of your hard work worth it.

Here’s one last thing that I’m going to close with…

The best long-term move you can make to make money from your blog is to integrate it with your email marketing efforts.

I love using the one two punch of email marketing and blogging from the same post because it allows you to change the dynamic of your email messages.

Instead of people just reading your blog post, an email gives them an opportunity to reply to your post and engage with you in conversation. And all you did was send the same content from your blog post!

Getting people involved and commenting on your blog is a powerful way to build rapport.

Begin to think of your blog as a conversation wall, and you’ll see the bond between you and your prospects growing stronger day by day.

And guess what will also grow stronger? Yup. Your bank account.

There are two powerful benefits of turning your emails into a blog conversation.

First, when people get involved and proactively comment, they’ve taking a powerful step into your world.

The second benefit is a little more sneaky, but still extremely effective….

Let’s say that you send a prospect to your blog to share an important post today and 13 people comment on that post.


Well, what if you take the email that you sent people to your blog and add it to your auto responder?

Now, those leads that join your list 4 months down the road from now will receive that same email from your auto responder sequence and will get a link to that post on your blog.

Not only was that automatic and took no effort on your part, but when they get to the post they’ll already see lots of engagement and comments on that post!

I hope this was helpful for you to see that power and potential in creating an effective blog.

With so much information out there today, it’s easy for us to be smothered on the internet.

Make sure your stuff is exciting and refreshing, and most importantly, just be you!!

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

Make The Right Guess When It Comes To Generating Leads

Today I want to talk to you guys about lead generation.

We all know that to make money in this industry, you must generate new leads every day and then sell to those leads.

When you are considering a new traffic source to generate these leads, make sure that it fits into one of these categories:

1. Off-line ads (newspaper,mailing,etc.) Not recommended!
2. Social media or blog marketing
3. Pay per click marketing

If you’re brand new with your lead generation efforts, I would focus only on the last two and only these two.

Why might you ask?

You will understand what I am saying when you actually go and put your feet in the water.

You must take action and gather some relative responsiveness.

I can sit here and tell you what to do, but it’s a totally different experience when you learn firsthand from your own advertising efforts.

This is the exact road I took when I first got started. I put my feet in the mud and started learning PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

At the time I didn’t have a freakin clue what I was doing, but I put my head down and learned what I needed to know.

A little bit of trial and error and some split-testing, and I had it mostly figured out.

This is a simple strategy that works, but there is a much faster way to do things now.

Find a method of advertising that fits your style and that you enjoy, and then learn everything you need to know about that area.

For me, I love FB ads. I love how laser targeted you can make them. I love the pond that I can fish in with them, and I love all of the free viral engagement I get from them.

Let me help you out a little with this one. In the beginning, I learned the hard way.

I went out and dumped a bunch of money into PPC, specifically FB ads.

I didn’t really have any real strategy other than just trying to get my offers in front of eyeballs that I thought would want my product.

But then I recently found a course that has everything in it for the beginner to actually start generating leads and making sales right away.

These guys lay it out in a stupid simple way that actually makes sense!

This is something I wish I had in the beginning.

Just so you don’t have to go digging through the whole internet, you can find my favorite FB training right here.

Otherwise, find something that you enjoy doing and stick to the basics.

When in doubt and, if you’re brand stinking new, stick with the list above.

Now, I’m sure you’re aware that this sure isn’t all the traffic there is out there in our internet universe.

But, after you’ve cranked out a few ads and have submerged yourself in the advertising campaigns using the list above, then you can go fishing!


With your own basic understanding and experience, and a keen eye out for super simple but effective strategies. (And good training if available!)

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. . .

Recently, I’ve been investigating a new traffic source, and I came across a blog where the owner of the blog regularly updated the material and sends an email to his mailing list to let them know about the updates.

He also had banner ads available.

If it were to be just a regular old spot on a blog without the special mailing list component, I probably wouldn’t have been that interested. But since the owner was regularly posting new content AND sending these out in his newsletter, I knew this was probably a pretty good opportunity.


These prospects were getting frequent email updates that there was new information for their consumption over on the blog.

I bit the bullet and started testing!

After a few days since I found this little nugget, early results were as I expected – A very responsive group.

Without really knowing what makes a group of prospects “responsive” from a conceptual point of view, I probably would have let this one pass by me.

The best places to test won’t grab you by the hand and say “Hey YOU! Place an ad here and you’re gonna CRUSH IT!”

But, after a little practice, you will start to see through the clutter and start making the right guesses after you have mastered the fundamentals.

I appreciate you,
Rob Thomas

Life Is Awesome

What’s happening biz friends?!

Hope you guys are all having an awesome week so far.

Just wanted to talk a little bit today on mindset.

I just read an article from one of my mentors, Matt Trainer, and I couldn’t help but pass it on to you all!

This is probably the most important thing in your business.

With all of the negativity in the world today, it’s easy to get caught up in all of that and off course.

Just look at the news. All they feed you is crap crap crap. This is why we cancelled our cable, and only spend our time on things that will make us happy.

We actually live in some super exciting times and there are some really good things happening.

Look at technology and the way we are able to connect with people all of the world.

Look at all of the help and support that has rushed to Nepal to help out with the disaster.

There are so many good things happening.

Yes, there are some bad things too, but it’s where we choose to focus that forms our perspective and mindset.

Choose to see the good in people and push your initial judgement aside.

Start and end your day with gratitude.

Do these things consistently and watch the amount of people that are attracted to you and want to work with you.

Check out Matt’s article about Optimism right here:

Last thing – comment below with something amazing that is happening in your life right now!

Have a great night,
Rob Thomas

How NOT To Keep A Customer…

There is a way to increase your long term profitability of your network marketing business.

Sometimes learning what NOT to do is just as important and valid a lesson as learning exactly what TO do.

In your network marketing business you have a few tasks at hand . . .

– Generating leads

– Turning a profit on your leads

– Recruiting new people into your business

– Having them duplicate your actions

Having as many of your recruits stick around for as long as possible so that you continue to generate an income from them being a part of your organization

In any business, the place where you make your largest amount of profit is backend sales.

What makes network marketing so great is once someone joins your team they pay monthly on a recurring basis and you draw an income from this and those that your downline members recruit month after month.

It creates amazing stability and real financial freedom when done correctly and a lot of wasted time when not.

Being a kick butt recruiter is great and may make you look like a superstar, but unless those people you bring in are sticking around, well you’re losing out big time.

Here’s a story that speaks to this . . .

A friend of mine, let’s call him “Patrick,” purchased a $2K + marketing course on an area of marketing that I had very little experience in. The course looked great from a sales perspective and from the result of the creators. In the business model, he saw a huge opportunity if adapted to the network marketing arena, so he went ahead and bought it.

The course was sold as a physical course delivered on CDs and DVDs.

More than 30 days after purchase, Patrick still had not received the course.

The creators of the course did create an online membership site version so purchasers could have immediate access to some of the material, which he did go through. But there was a problem . .

The online course was not as advertised. The information imparted was much more basic than the price level denoted and the cost to actually use this method of advertising was actually far more than advertised.

Instead of a few hundred dollars to get started the real asking price was on the level of $5K or more, and this is after the cost of the course itself.

Have you ever found yourself in this scenario?

Moving forward…

So what was being taught was not as scalable as advertised.

Which made Patrick a little upset, as he saw the deception in the marketing process only after purchase.

Next, the online version of this course had a forum of which you’d expect 100s of people raving about how great the course was and how much success people were having with the application of the information imparted.

Instead, after looking through 100s of posts, Patrick saw only huge problems for those that attempted to even get started and not one success story.

At that point, Patrick decided to draw the line. He was going to wait until the actual physical course arrived to judge it fully. However, he had seen enough! There is no reason for a product to take more than 30 days to be delivered unless it wasn’t actually created before the sales were generated (which is illegal – it’s called “dry testing” for those interested).

Last night, Patrick submitted a support ticket for a refund in full which I can count on 1 finger the times I’ve done this. I hate refunds, personally, and typically will bite the bullet if I can draw something of immediate value out of the information.

Patrick just couldn’t justify this in this situation.

He received a response from the admin of the course saying that he would not be granted a refund because the 30 day refund period had elapsed and that they had removed him from the membership site.

Now, Patrick knew he was dealing with crooks.

The actual course didn’t arrive within the allotted refund time period. So basically he’d been cut off from the course after paying full price without actually receiving the information and all they had to say was the “refund period had elapsed.”

I’m certain that I will never do business with these people, and I feel terrible that Patrick got stuck in this scenario.

The lesson here is when you’re doing your marketing, be honest. Sell on the merits of what you actually provide and then deliver that value.

If you’re recruiting people into your business don’t feed them hype. Give them all you’ve got but make sure it’s the truth.

And then afterwards treat your people with respect and do all you can to help them.

Don’t oversell or set criteria for your product that you can’t live up to.

Deliver what’s promised with exceptional service and what you’ll find is your recruits will want to continue to do business with you because it’s actually a pleasure for them to do so.

Get this right and you’ll find your customer retention rate increase over the long haul, which of course, leads to bigger checks in the long term.

Have an amazing evening!

– Rob

P.S. I would love to connect with you on Facebook! Check out my page right here, and leave a comment telling me your name and where you’re from!

ATTENTION: Two More Days Left!

Hey there!

Rob here, just wanted to shoot this quick message out to you!

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What is Team WUKAR?

Hello and Happy Monday Funday to you guys! Today I wanted to share my Day 3 of my 30 Day Video Challenge.

Subject: What is Team WUKAR?

Many of you have been following me for quite some time and I thank you so much for that! Most of the time, I just post things that add value to you, and I’m not one to pitch any companies or products.

But today, I wanted to share with you what exactly I’m involved with and how I am able to create an income from the comfort of my own home. How I am able to spend almost every day with my son, Tyce, and be there for every major event (sitting, crawling, standing, etc.).

The team I am blessed to be a part of is Team WUKAR, and here is my story of this incredible opportunity:

This is more than just some other network marketing team.

We are a family that is on fire. A family that is made up dreamers, leaders, motivators, and entrepreneurs with one common goal in mind: “To change the world one person at a time!”

Click on this link here to learn more:

I appreciate you guys, and I encourage you to go out there this week and take massive action!

– Rob

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